Schematic Design

We define the general scope and conceptual design of your project.
First things first, we will estimate the scale and relationships between
the building components. At the end of the schematic design phase, our team will show
you some sketches, so that you can see your dream interior realized on paper.

Space Planning

How big is your living room? How can we make it more
functional and keep a zen atmosphere at the same
time? Space planning is a core element of interior
process. It starts with an in-depth analysis of
how space should be used. Our designers will then
draw a plan to define the different zones of the space
and the activities that should take place in those zones.
Let us handle space planning so that you can make the
most of every square meter.

Brief Formulation

Tell us what you want, and we will make it come true!
Our job is to transform your dreams into
reality. Do you want us to make your kitchen more
functional? Need a cozy atmosphere for your
master bedroom? Let’s have a chat and see how
we can help you. Our interior designers will specify your
project in detail and plan the ideal schedule for the
construction work to start.

Furniture Layouts

Does your new modern leather sofa clash
with your favorite wooden coffee table? Don’t worry. We
will create a harmonious layout that matches your favorite
furniture with the atmosphere you want to create.

Pre-Design & Interior Planning

Let’s meet up to set the scope for your project and requirements!
We will discuss the design and atmosphere you want
your interior to convey. This is the first step of your
interior design project adventure, and we are here to
help you make it real! Tell us everything you imagined
your perfect interior should look like, and we will provide
our expertise to create it.